Signs that Your Building Needs Underpinning

30 December 2019
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The structural integrity of your commercial building greatly determines its durability. The condition of your foundation is one of the factors which determine how strong and durable the entire building will be. Competent construction engineers and contractors understand the importance of the foundation to the entire structure, and they ensure it is well installed. However, there are few times when the foundation might fail the strength test, and when the foundation weakens, signs that the structure is falling apart start manifesting. If a property has foundation issues, the best remedy is underpinning. Here are four signs your commercial building may need underpinning.

Presence of Roots Inside the Space

Another common indicator that your property is having foundation issues is the presence of roots in it. If the building is built close to a forest, there is a risk that roots will reach under the foundation and damage the foundation. Call in underpinning professionals as soon as you notice roots. 

When the Building Leans on One Side

A building leans on one side when its foundation has been severely damaged. Most of the time, sagging and leaning happens when the foundation has completely settled, taking down one level of the floor. You can spot a leaning building with the difference in levels of the wall between one side of the property and the other. Call a repair expert as soon as you realise the building is leaning. They will underpin the space, restoring its stability.

When Water Pools in and Around the Building

Another common sign that your property is suffering from foundation damage and needs underpinning is the formation of pools of water around it. Pooling happens because the original level and drainage of the building has been interfered with. If water pooling around the structure is not fixed, then there will be more damage. 

Blocked Doors and Windows

When the structure is stable, the doors and windows will be properly aligned at all times. However, when the foundation starts to sink, the sloping will affect the alignment of doors and windows. If the foundation problem is not fixed through underpinning, these doors and windows will completely stop functioning. 

It is advisable to call in the professionals as soon as you realise that the foundation of your commercial building is falling apart. They will visit the site, assess the building and decide whether it is weakened and needs underpinning or not. With expert help, the integrity of your property will be restored. Look for local commercial underpinning services near you.