Ways Erratic Weather Changes Can Lead To Foundation Repair

13 November 2017
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Although predominantly known for its warm climate, many parts of Australia experience seasonal weather changes. Some of these changes can be quite severe, with prolonged droughts being alternated with lengthy rainy seasons. And although the hot weather is something most people prefer over biting cold, prolonged heat can have an adverse effect on your foundation by causing extreme changes in the soil. You should be especially wary of erratic weather changes when you live in an area characterised by clay soil, as this land can experience drastic changes when exposed to excessive heat or moisture. Read More 

Dealing With Concrete After a Demolition Job

14 August 2017
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When demolishing any large building, such as a shopping centre or block of apartments, it is inevitable that a large amount of waste concrete will be generated. However, this concrete does not have to be carried off to a landfill site or left in place as an eyesore for the local community. Instead, it can be recycled and reused. Below is a guide to how different types of concrete can be salvaged from a demolition site and recycled. Read More