The Silent Menace That Could Be Destroying Your House

17 July 2019
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Being a homeowner means constantly fixing problems as they arise, from broken windows to faulty electrical outlets. Most of these problems are very visible and, therefore, let you know what to do to fix them. However, there are some problems that can affect your home with very few visible signs, and these are the ones you really need to be on the lookout for. Alternatively, these problems may be subtle enough that their symptoms may look like something else and confuse you when you try to fix it. Read More 

Mistakes and Problems Related to Asbestos Disposal

2 May 2019
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You may have heard that removing asbestos is risky work, especially to your health, and should be performed by a qualified person. This is because it is a process that should be carried out in a safe manner, from removal to disposal. When it comes to disposal, there are various rules and regulations that must be followed. Remember that asbestos has been removed from a building to prevent health problems. You do not want to cause health problems where you are taking it out, either in the course of the journey or at the disposal point. Read More