How to Demolish a Commercial Building

16 November 2021
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The nature of your business is bound to change over time. In some cases, your property becomes redundant and loses its functionality. You may want to demolish the structure to give way to the construction of a modern building. Given the complexity of demolition works, you may be confused about how to conduct the process. Below are tips on how to demolish the commercial building. 

Determine the Extent of the Demolition Works

How do you intend to conduct the project? For example, do you want to demolish the entire structure of a section of the building? If you plan to pull down a section of the structure, you need an engineering assessment to establish if this is possible. The demolition works will weaken the pillars and the foundation. In this case, the engineer could advise you to go for a controlled demolition to preserve the building materials. As such, you do not have to purchase new materials as you rebuild. If you intend to pull down the entire structure, the engineer could recommend implosion or mechanical demolition. 

Address Safety Concerns

Below are some safety concerns that you should address before commencing any demolition work: 

1. Protecting Neighbours and Nearby Structures. Determine how will you protect your neighbours and their assets during the demolition process. A safety net will contain demolition debris such as steel bars, concrete lumps and bricks. Additionally, dampen the building to prevent dust during demolition works. 

2. Providing Safety for Your Employees. Start by ensuring all employees wear protective clothing at all times. Additionally, install signage to inform them of site risks such as exposed wiring and pits. Train the employees on how to handle emergencies. For example, you could equip them with first aid and fire response skills. Moreover, they should have emergency contacts such as local ambulance services. 

3. Preventing Site Accidents. A demolition plan will help prevent site accidents as you pull down the building. Typically, the plan details how you can pull down the building systematically. Remember, if the building collapses at once, the debris could damage plant equipment and injure personnel. Ensure that the plant equipment used at the demolition site is in excellent condition. Besides, conduct a preliminary assessment to determine site risks such as manholes and underground gas pipes. 

Work With a Skilled Contractor 

Hire a demolitions contractor to pull down the commercial building. The rule when hiring a demolitions contractor is that they should have the required licencing. It is a guarantee that they can secure demolitions permits and follow the necessary safety measures. Finally, ensure the contractor has adequate insurance coverage.